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Your Redemption is Now in Your Hands

It is a sensitive moment, as God is here, speaking in our midst. We are a people who have understood the power of a Word from God, it is this power that saves, delivers, heals and transforms.

As the Prophet of God is moving among the people, he calls out a woman and asks, "Where are you from? Who have you come with?". She responds saying she has come all the way from Botswana and she is here with her firstborn son. 

The Prophet calls for the son and tells him that he is seeing so much greatness in him but the devil is trying to play around with his life, however, 3 weeks from now things will begin to change. The Prophet narrates how there is a spirit of anger that possesses him and causes him to be violent, going into as much details as narrating how he fought with his ex-girlfriend last October and slapped her till she started bleeding in her mouth. 

He also narrates how he was involved in 2 fights, one with Thabo over car keys and another with a man called Kabo. The young man confirms the word of the Prophet as accurate.

Turning back to the mother he says, "I don't know why you like O...who is Oga? Ofina? Obert?". The lady responds saying these are the names of her children. "I'm seeing you in the hospital working as a switchboard operator but there is no promotion, and I see 1998.", the Prophet continues. The woman confirms that she has been working as a switchboard operator since the year 1998.

As the Prophet releases promotion into her life, he then turns to the son and declares, "The whole world is watching right now, they stand as witnesses to how God will turn your life around. It is a big miracle that you are in church, you are even shocked with how God is changing you. I am seeing a plot of land, you will build a very big house there.". He then instructs him to raise his right hand as he leads him in the prayer of repentance and encourages him to remain in Christ for God has a great purpose over his life. He further reveals that he isn't seeing his father in his life, but he sees a stepfather. To this, the young man confirms saying his father passed on in 2014 and the mother remarried.

Turning back to the mother, Major 1 points out that she has a knee problem and explains how it started while she was at work; all of which she confirms to be accurate. Discerning in the spirit, that there is a matter that is a cause of great concern within her, he asks, "What is giving you headache?". 

The woman responds that she is distressed over her second born daughter. "What I am about to say is sensitive. I am not trying to judge or condemn your daughter, but I want to help her find salvation. While she was in school, she started developing a desire to change herself into a man. 

She is currently injecting herself with drugs and also wants to undergo an operation that will transform her into a man. This is what is giving you headache. There is no love between the two of you to the extent that you can not face each other for more than 5 mins. She is your daughter; love her and pray for her.", Major 1 speaks forth.

As the Prophet of God delivers this family, connect in prayer. Whatever situation you are passing through, God has sent His Prophet with a solution.
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