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Warfare prayer Against Witchcraft Trying to Attack You and Your Family.

1. Father, correct anything that is wrong with my foundation, in Jesus Christ name.

2. Every witchcraft agent that is fighting against my glory, be frustrated in Jesus Christ name.

3. Every wicked power that is sowing tares into my dream, and marriage,my family, my ministry, my children, I pull you out by fire by force in Jesus Christ name.

4. I reject every evil garment of failure and attacks prepared for me, my family, my ministry, my marriage, my children and anything that concerns us by the haters of our destinies, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.

5. Every witchcraft power that has the desire to frustrate my christian life,my marriage, my family, my ministry, my destiny, my career, my joy, my happiness, my children, you are a bloody liar, run mad and die in Jesus Christ name.

Thank God for giving you ability to stand..

That damn devil against your life is a liar. Now that you are saved, why not Thank you Lord for been there for me for protecting me for your love.

I will never be the same again my life will change from lower level to the highest level from next step to another step take care of me and my family my career Say I Receive my Miracle's Say I'm blessed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ 
Thanks God of Major 1

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