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Anointing and Healing Through Communion

The anointing is needed when things are not well; it heals and restores. Be it physically or spiritually, you can anoint yourself and be made well again.

 Anointing for deliverance 

In this scripture above, we read that after a person was healed from leprosy, a priest was required to anoint him in order for him to be cleansed. You can be healed, but to be made whole is another thing. The anointing establishes your healing - the anointing is a symbol that a person is free

Note that anointing oil is not an idea imposed by men of God, but God Himself. Ordinary oil isn’t Holy, but the scripture reveals that we can consecrate it to become Holy.

Anointing for authority (governance and leadership)
Scripture reference

Saul had a God-given mission but was not aware of it. It is possible to be in the church, called for a mission and yet not realize it.
When God anoints you for authority, you rise above and rule.

The Bible in Psalm 133: 1-3 reveals that there is an anointing unity attracts. Though ants are among the smallest creatures, in whatever they do, they succeed far above human beings - because of unity. Where there is unity, there is an anointing that makes successful; even in marriage, a successful couple is one that is united.

The only things that Jesus left on earth and that remain until today, are the oil and the Holy communion. If you can not believe in the anointing oil, how is it that you believe in the Holy communion?
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