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Do Not be Controlled by The Riches of This World

There are riches we are called to inherit and these riches are inside us. It is only when our understanding is enlightened, that we are able to discover and inherit them.

The enemy can never destroy you while your eyes are open. Even science has found that no animal, not even a lion, can ever attack you if you stand and look it in the eyes - no matter how close it comes. 

The only tactic it can use against you is to intimidate you and have you give it your back; at that moment, it is able to attack. Never give the enemy your back. All the weapons mentioned in Ephesians 6 cover your front and not your back because God is not expecting you to give the enemy your back. It's time to face the devil; it's time to face the situation, eye-to-eye. Know who you are!

The enemy will come to intimidate you but refuse to see darkness, see light. If God can only open your eyes, you will see that the problems you have are nothing, compared to the blessings God has for you. 

It is in the moment of sleeping - when your eyes are closed - that the enemy strikes. This is why most people can not even tell how their problem came about; they were in darkness and they slept.

Tonight, as your eyes open you will realize you are not supposed to be in that problem; you will realise who you are and where you belong!
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