OnePlus 5 Water Resistance Test

The new flagship OnePlus 5 has already been tested for scratch resistance and flexibility. Now it's time to check how it copes with the drowning. The latest flagship smartphone from OnePlus, the OnePlus 5 has a dual rear camera setup and 8GB RAM variant. what most consumers are concerned about are its performance and water resistant. Since the company failed to confirms whether the smartphone is water resistant or Not, this left everyone believing that it wasn't. 

OnePlus 5 Water resistance

However, new reports now suggest that the OnePlus 5 has some amount of water resistance. The head of the company confirmed that the flagship has a certain degree of protection against moisture, and at one of the forums the company representative stated that he has "daily water resistance." The network already had the first videos, where OnePlus 5 was washed under a stream and placed in a container of water, keeping it in a humid environment for two minutes. Of course, the process was filmed on video.

At the end of the tests, the smart phone was tested for operability. The flagship coped with the test more than worthy. After a short stay underwater, the device functioned properly and showed resistance to water. This is another important ball in the OnePlus 5 asset. However, we hope that someone will still decide to offer the smart phone a longer immersion in the water and tell about the "health" of the smart phone after a few hours or days after bathing. 

I want to know exactly his level of water protection and check the statement of some experts that he can be assigned the level of protection IP67. In the meantime, according to the test results, it can be assumed that the smart can be dropped into the water without fear of losing it, to conduct romantic conversations in the rain and at the height of the party it can be filled with champagne.


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