Students sue bank over alleged illegal deduction

Two students of Delta   State School of Health Technology Ofuoma, have dragged Oceanic Bank before a Delta State sitting in Ughelle, over alleged illegal deductions from their bursary allowances, paid to them by the Delta state government. Ejiroghene Eyamekware and Aghogho Eyamekware in two separate suits, are claiming NN10million each as general damages. 
Ejiroghene Eyamekware stated in her statement of claim that “sometime in February, 2009 the Delta State Government through it’s Ministry of Health paid the sum of N90,000 for 18 months to her, including other 997 students and through the bank’s Ughelli branch and that she signed before the money was paid into her account with the defendant. 

According to her, she intended using the said N90,000 for business, in the month of February, 2009 and when she went to the defendant bank at Isoko Road, Ughelli to withdraw the said N90,000 for business to enable her study with ease and equally assist her family from the profit from the business, she  was surprise when the staff of the defendant at the Ughelli branch informed her by entering in her bank withdrawals slip that the amount in her account with the defendant was N77,250 instead of the N90,000 paid into the said account with the defendant by the Delta state government.

She stated that she went back to inquire from the Delta State Government,  she was informed that it was N90,000 that was paid into her bank account and that the N77,250  stated by the defendant bank as the money in her account with the bank showed that  the sum of N12,750 had deducted from her account.

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