Samsung might be ready to present its new flagships Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + in January. Today, the web has published a concept-render on the design of the upcoming favorite of the "galactic" series, which corresponds to all the rumors currently available, namely: a glass and metal case, a cut off from below, a dual camera only in the older version, a fingerprint scanner camera, the preserved format of the "infinite" display (5.8 "and 6.2"). Also who knows if Samsung will Use Palm Scanner In Its Upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9 + Smartphone. Although it is only a patent, so it is still unclear whether Samsung will actually use the technology

The basic concept is not expected to change, as discussed, in particular @evleaks. The source offered black and silver variants. Naturally, we are not talking about what this new device looks like (the same Galaxy S8 was very different from the concept-renderers of this period), but the probability of coincidence is quite high. What do you think about this?



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